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AI-powered audio stories featuring your family, toys, and favorite characters!

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The Magic of Dropify

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Family Adventures

Your entire family becomes the heroes of every tale!

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Imaginary Friend Magic

Bring imaginary pals to life in extraordinary stories.

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Heroes Come to Life

Create new adventures inspired by your favorite teams and stories!

Creating Your Magical Story

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Story Genie

Tell us about your world: family, toys, & characters.

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Magical Creation

We weave a tale with your special elements.

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Dynamic Voices

Life-like voice brings your characters to life.

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Adventure Begins

Listen together and let your imaginations soar!

Story Examples

Aiden's Magic Journey

Aiden's Magic Journey

Aiden and his stuffed penguin explore a hidden realm of talking animals, fairies, and dragons.

Secrets of Egypt

Secrets of Egypt

Joey and Aunt Sally uncover ancient mysteries in the land of pyramids and pharaohs.

Giants and Dreams

Giants and Dreams

The Roberts family's San Francisco adventure with baseball, science, and unexpected magic.

Benefits of Dropify

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Family Bonding & Routines

Create shared experiences and establish soothing bedtime routines with personalized family stories.

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Educational Growth

Boost vocabulary, enhance comprehension, and support bilingual learning through engaging, personalized stories.

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Emotional & Creative Development

Nurture emotional intelligence and spark creativity with stories featuring familiar characters and scenarios.

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Screen-Free Versatile Entertainment

Enjoy immersive audio stories that reduce screen time and are perfect for the daily commute or a long trip.

What Our Users Say

I love being in an adventure story with my nephew.

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Sally P.

My son loves going on backyard adventures with his stuffie.

User Avatar

Jeff T.

My imaginary friend has come to life! How cool!

User Avatar

Riley R.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dropify create personalized stories?

Dropify uses advanced AI to generate unique audio stories based on the information you provide about your family, pets, toys, and interests. Each story is crafted to include familiar elements in new, exciting adventures.

Is Dropify suitable for all ages?

Yes! While Dropify is great for children, it also offers stories tailored for adults. The app adapts its content to be age-appropriate and engaging for each family member.

What languages does Dropify support?

Currently, the main app interface is in English. However, you can incorporate words, phrases, or characters from other languages into your stories. This feature is great for bilingual families or those looking to expose their children to different languages.

How does Dropify help reduce screen time?

Dropify's audio-first approach allows children and adults to enjoy immersive storytelling experiences without the need for screens. This encourages active listening, imagination, and can be a great alternative to visual media, especially before bedtime.

Can I create any type of story I want?

Absolutely! The possibilities are infinite. You can create whatever story theme or elements you desire. Our AI adapts to your input, allowing for endless creativity and personalization in your stories.

How often is new content added to Dropify?

While you can create infinite variations of stories, we also regularly update our AI models and add new features to enhance your storytelling experience. Keep an eye out for app updates!

How much does Dropify cost?

Dropify is free during out beta program.

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